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About company


We are a system integrator with a twenty-five year history in the market of information and communication technologies in Russia. Our experience allows us to conduct full-scale projects of any level.

VILCOM Group has experience in designing and installing objects of various scales, including interregional communication systems, security, collection of distributed data at industrial enterprises, information and dispatch centers, engineering complexes, successfully combining advanced technologies and development of its own specialists.

Over the past 5 years, we have successfully completed more than 120 government contracts.

Professional decisions since 1995!

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Our Corporate Values

For 25 years we have been working on this principle

We constantly strive to get better, improving the skills of our employees, expanding the field of work and mastering new technologies.
Reliability, fidelity to accepted obligations and high executive discipline are the key values of our company.
We provide the best customer service: from the stage of preparing a commercial offer to post-warranty service.
Many years of experience, responsibility and professionalism allow us to achieve excellent results in any given task.


25 years of successful work in 20 different directions

Strong competencies and expertise in developing and implementing complex IT solutions
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System Integration, Design, Implementation, Project Technical Documentation
Building Automation and Dispatching Systems
Process Automation Systems
Comprehensive data center infrastructure
Infrastructure monitoring systems and cellular links
Our Solutions
We work with the company Oscilloquartz (Neuschatel, Switzerland) - the world leader in the synchronization system equipment market. Oscilloquartz supplies the most accurate frequency sources and synchronization systems, providing the highest standards in the development of quartz generators, synchronization systems and software for local and remote control.
We deliver, test and control the equipment:

  • Primary Reference Sources
  • GNSS receivers
  • Clock network synchronization
  • Testing and monitoring
  • Batch Synchronization - PTP v.2 IEEE 1588-2008
  • Control system
  • Exact Time Servers (NTP)

Design of buildings, structures, engineering systems, low-current systems, water supply, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as access, safety, anti-terrorism and fire safety systems.
VILCOM HOLDING performs a full range of technical solutions implementation services:

  • Safety systems of buildings and mass events
  • Building Automation and Dispatching Systems
  • Process Automation Systems
  • Comprehensive data center infrastructure
  • Infrastructure and communications monitoring systems
  • Integrated infrastructure of communication lines and facilities
  • Energy and Petroleum Products Accounting Systems
  • Backup power supply systems
  • Consulting
  • IT Systems Audit
  • Information security
  • Data network protection (including APCS)
  • Business Process Development
  • Customer Employee Training
  • Survey, Design and Construction
  • Our company has a wide range of licenses and has the right to carry out work including at unique, especially dangerous and strategic facilities
  • Building "turnkey" hardware and software systems
  • Customer Infrastructure Research
  • Formalization of requirements
  • Design, Solution Negotiation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Software Development
  • Implement integrated solutions and integrate with other systems
  • Complete lifecycle solution maintenance

VILCOM HOLDING has extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects in more than 20 cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Nizhny Novgorod. We participated in the construction of FIFA facilities, the Kerch bridge, government buildings.
We have at our disposal a project office with experience in implementing large state-level projects.
Since 2010, the company has been using a project-oriented approach based on the international project management standard PMBoK PMI (Project Management Institute).
Areas of work:

  • Consulting and auditing
  • Survey of structures and systems
  • Design of buildings, structures, engineering systems, low-current systems, water supply, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as access, safety, anti-terrorism and fire safety systems.
  • Preparation of as-built construction documentation, services of TMP engineers.
  • Calculation of estimated cost of construction and reconstruction of facilities.
  • Examination of design estimates. Supply of equipment and materials 
  • Construction, installation and start-up

An individually selected set of software and hardware, both of the world's leading manufacturers and our own development, allows our company to solve complex problems at the highest level. Integrated Security Systems
  • Professional video surveillance and video analysis systems
  • Access control and control systems, including the latest biometric technologies
  • Search systems for people and vehicles
  • Data Loss Protection Systems
  • Security alarm and fire alarm systems
  • Proprietary hardware solutions for multi-vendor hardware integration
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Sales Director (Telecommunications)



  • Work experience from 3 years. 
  • Full employment
  • FIX salary + percentage, FIX size by arrangement
  • Sales Director/CIO/Chief Executive/Head of Sales
  • Sales experience of high-tech equipment (V2V, B2G)
  • Customer Experience
  • General technical literacy
  • Sales experience in telecommunications is desirable


  • Increased sales of telecommunications/radio measuring equipment
  • Administer the execution of approved annual sales plans
  • Customer base development. Negotiation. Establish long-term relationships with key customers.
  • Building an effective team, including developing and implementing motivational schemes
  • Sales Department Management (~ 4 persons)
  • Working in CRM System
  • Participation in tenders, exhibitions, conferences


  • Remuneration consists of a permanent part and sales bonuses. We provide mobile communications.
  • The fix level is discussed at the interview. The compensation package is discussed individually.

Corporate fitness; friendly team, corporate holidays.
Own kitchen with cook, tea, coffee in the office.
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Over the past 5 years, we have successfully completed more than 120 government contracts.

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