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Design and construction of turnkey CDs. Dispatch centre

Building a Central Dispatch requires a set of interrelated steps:
  • Development of the detailed design
  • Construction of life support and
  • safety systems
  • Arranging a reliable information and computer system
  • Arranging a fail-safe communication system
  • Arranging an information display system
  • (group screens) and videoconferencing
  • Transparent integration with existing systems.
Vilcom Holding designs and builds situational centres of different levels, solving important strategic tasks, such as:
  • Monitoring of infrastructure facilities;
  • Management of distributed
  • technological and business processes
  • Coordination of a large number of people

Properly designed and built control centres can significantly reduce operational costs, improve the security of public infrastructure facilities and provide all-round business support.
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Central Dispatch is a system for monitoring and operational management of technical and business projects, infrastructure facilities, and personnel. Central Dispatch allows for real-time monitoring and recording of processes, controlling the remediation of emergency situations and changing operating parameters. You can order a turnkey Central Dispatch solution in Moscow from Vilcom Holding.

Central Dispatch Features

Central Dispatches are based on introduction of automation by controllers, sensors, computers, servers, communication channels, actuators, and other devices. The functionality of the entire system is made possible by specialised software.
Central Dispatch tasks are as follows:
  • Monitoring of technical condition;
  • Prevention of failure;
  • Acquisition and analysis of data;
  • Provision and use of measurements;
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics;
  • Workflow optimisation;
  • Identifying faults;
  • Rectification of failure consequences.
Installation central dispatches is relevant both for facilities under construction and in the process of retrofitting. The level of operator involvement in decision-making depends on the specific type of DC. 

DC Design

Design stage is important in order to consider all the features of the technical systems, to ensure a high level of safety and to maximise the efficiency of the central dispatch. Drafting a design allows for the integration of different structures in terms of the measured data format.
Prior to the design surveys, we carry out an on-site inspection, coordinate all data, develop and approve the ToR reference and operating documents.
DC design allows:
  • Determine efficient technical solutions;
  • Create optimal materials and equipment specification;
  • Draft high-quality diagrams, plans, and drawings;
  • Ccorrectly perform all necessary calculations;
  • Obtain approvals and expert opinion.
Vilcom Holding develops and implements central dispatches of any complexity to solve monitoring, control, and coordination tasks. All works are performed by qualified experts using highly-effective, reliable equipment and software.
You can order a central dispatch solution in Moscow, as well as throughout Russia, on the website or by phone.
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  • Building automation
  • Allocated facilities management
  • Process automation
  • Communication facilities and installations
  • Site security
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Safe city
  • Retrofitting and construction of communication networks
  • Information security
  • Service communication
  • Controlling moving objects
  • Measurement instrumentation
  • Communication networks monitoring
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Energy saving

Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project
individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru

Construction works

  • Consulting services
  • Design studies
  • Construction works
  • Building and construction automation
  • Process automation
  • Site security
  • Counter-terrorism systems
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Safe city
  • Information security
  • Controlling moving objects
  • Building, retrofitting, and monitoring communication networks
  • Managing split objects
  • Service communication
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Energy saving
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Air exchange systems
  • Water supply systems
  • Sewage systems
Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru

In-house software development

  • Proprietary service centre in Moscow
  • Developed network of service partners across Russia
  • Proprietary technical solution, independent of sensor manufacturers and measurement module monitoring
  • Extensive experience in the deployment and servicing of fibre optic communication systems in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Proprietary software for condition monitoring, metering and automation of servicing the country’s distributed infrastructure
Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru