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Turnkey communication networks

Turnkey implementation of communication networks and installations of any complexity:
  • Surveying;
  • Design;
  • Construction works;
  • Retrofitting;
  • Equipment supply;
  • Consulting, auditing, protecting, and streamlining of existing infrastructure.
  • Communication networks monitoring
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Communication networks may be designed for general use (general purpose network in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law On Communications) and limited use (dedicated networks, process networks, special purpose networks in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law On Communications).
In the former case, a network is established for the provision of telecom services against payment to any user within the Russian Federation and includes telecom networks defined geographically within the territory served and the number pool, as well as communication networks defined by the technology for the provision of telecommunication services.

Under most individual circumstances, VILCOM HOLDING can design and create networks according to specific requirements due to the nature of the institution’s business and/or a specific location in Moscow or throughout Russia.

We would like to specifically highlight the upgrading of communication networks: read more in the media centre section.

Dedicated networks are designed to provide telecom services to a limited number of users or groups of such users against payment.

Process networks are intended to ensure the productive activities of organisations, controlling technological processes in production.

Special purpose communication networks are intended for the needs of public authorities, national defence, state security, and law enforcement.

In terms of the origin, these can be primary networks used to form typical communication channels and pathways, and secondary networks based on primary networks whose purpose is to deliver messages from source to consumer. Primary networks fall into trunk networks, intra-zone networks, and local networks.

There are also other criteria for classifying communication networks. They include the following ones:
  • By territory coverage: local, corporate, long-distance, international, trunk, regional;
  • By type of information transmitted: analogue, digital;
  • By accommodation conditions: mobile, stationary;
  • By degree of automation: automated, automatic, non-automated;
  • By switching type: switched, non-switched, partially switched;
  • By communication type: telephone, telegraph, video-telephone, fax, data transmission, audio, television;
  • By communication modality: wired and radio networks;
  • By protection degree: protected and unprotected;
  • By message delivery method: circuit-switched and packet-switched.
An elementary network consists of one branch between two nodes. More sophisticated versions have a spatial structure called a topology. It can be ring-type, star-type, directly-connected or tree-type.
Data may be transmitted either via fibre optic, or electrical lines, or wireless network.
Vilcom Holding designs and builds communication systems on a turnkey basis.
We offer complete turnkey solutions tailored to the specific project. We undertake the whole range of services, including design, construction, retrofitting, monitoring, consultancy, equipment supply, and many others.
Our communication networks have a number of advantages:
  • High performance;
  • Interference immunity;
  • Affordable hardware implementation;
  • Deterministic behaviour;
  • Working on long-distance transmission lines;
  • Distributed intelligence;
  • High reliability.
When selecting solutions for communication networks, we adhere to the principle of reasonable adequacy.
When designing any type of communication network, VILCOM HOLDING experts factor in all peculiarities and specifics of network construction and always check peak loads to ensure that the network continues to operate reliably.
To make an order for the development of any communication network in Moscow and throughout Russia, please leave a request online, send an e-mail, or contact us by phone.

What solutions do we have


  • Allocated facilities management
  • Process automation
  • Communication facilities and installations
  • Site security
  • Retrofitting and construction of communication networks
  • Information security
  • Service communication

Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru

System integration 

  • Full range of services for implementing technical solutions
  • Back-up power supply systems
  • Consulting services
  • Auditing IT systems
  • Information security
  • Protecting data networks (including APCS)
  • Developing business processes
  • Training customer’s employees
  • Surveying, design, and construction works
  • Investigating the customer’s infrastructure
  • Formalising requirements
  • Design and coordination of solutions
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Software development
  • Implementation of comprehensive solutions and integration with other systems
  • Technical support for solutions throughout their entire life cycle

Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru

In-house software development

  • Proprietary service centre in Moscow
  • Developed network of service partners across Russia
  • Proprietary technical solution, independent of sensor manufacturers and measurement module monitoring
  • Extensive experience in the deployment and servicing of fibre optic communication systems in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Proprietary software for condition monitoring, metering and automation of servicing the country’s distributed infrastructure
Our solution portfolio also includes other offerings, as we tailor each project individually. We can handle any task. Contact us: info@vilcom.ru